Line Art Caricatures from photos

We draw Line art cartoon portraits from photos for gifts with engravings, plaques from our UK studios.

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You can order personalised Line Art Caricatures from our London studios.

Customised line art black & white digital caricatures from photos make great personalised gifts on their own or applied to gift items. You can also have the line art image supplied as an digital file for you to use online or in non commercial print.

You supply your own ideas or  theme making each cartoon portrait an entirely unique gift. We draw and deliver from our UK studios.

These are great:

  • birthday presents
  • valentines presents,
  • anniversary gifts
  • accomplishment awards
  • company presentations
  • Artwork engravings
  • web profile avatars

The list goes on.

If you’d prefer the monochrome style instead, the head and shoulders black and white digital caricatures option is available.


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