Caricatures from Photos Online

Cool-Caricatures create unique cartoon portraits from photos. Order online from £24.99 in black & white and from £29.99 in colour, rendered by experienced hands. So, they make splendid personalized gifts for:

  • Birthdays & Bar Mitzvahs, Name days
  • Mothers & Father’s Day
  • Wedding invitations
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Success gifts (driving tests, exams, graduation & other achievements)
  • Corporate gifts (promotion, appreciation, retirement)

Visit our shop with prices, easy to use menu and checkout process.

To order, firstly simply choose your options, then write your description. On the same page you can upload your photos. Then pay securely by Paypal & receive your orders via email or post.

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  • Caricatures from photos- How to order
  • Caricature birthday boy
  • caricature birthday girl
  • 50th birthday caricatures

Our online store makes it easy to order a wide range of cartoon portraits from

  • Birthday caricatures
  • Couple portrait caricatures
  • Custom family portraits
  • Cartoon pet portrait
  • Dog cartoon portrait

There are obviously a wider range of ideas to explore. So, we are open to customers ideas. Part of the beauty in serving our clients is bringing their mix of ideas into lovely pieces of artwork.

We offer both the hand drawn custom caricatures as well as the digital art drawing options.

Also, for businesses, we have vector illustration for Custom cartoon logo design.

Here are reviews from some of our satisfied customers

Customer reviews for caricatures from photos

Here also are some clients served:

  • SGAM UK (GLG Partners, Inc)
  • BOC (The Linde Group)
  • FTI Consulting
  • Trade Etching Direct Ltd
  • JFD (James Fisher Defence)
  • Signs Express